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Spider Martin

George Wallace for President Convention, 1968

Marching up Highway 80 under the protection of the US army Sharpshooters

Ralph Abernathy and Martin Luther King Jr, Selma March, 1965 (When I look at this picture I get the feeling that Dr. King is looking up at God and saying, "I am coming home’.)

Martin Luther King, James Forman and others in Beulah Baptist Church prior to Bloody Sunday march

Alabama State Troopers, equipped with gas masks, tear gas canisters and carrying billy clubs wait beyond the Bridge

After beating the marchers, the Alabama state troopers and the Dallas County posse chased the marchers over the bridge back to the church

Amelia Boynton Robinson lies unconscious on the ground

Amelia Boynton Robinson was beaten unconscious. “I have always wondered what the state trooper was thinking.

Teargas, Bloody Sunday

Selma Marcher who marched all the way, 1965

"My feets is tired, but my soul is rested."

Big Swamp Creek, Highway 80

Dr. King leads the Freedom March along with Ralph Abernathy, James Forman and Reverend Jessie Douglas around the State Capitol in Montgomery, 1965

Dr Martin Luther King

Dr. King delivering his speech to the triumphant crowd of marchers

We Shall Overcome

Pit Bull with a Pistol

Sweet Home Alabama

Members of the White Citizens Council protest at the Alabama State Capitol in Montgomery at the conclusion of the Selma to Montgomery Freedom March

“United We Stand, United We Fall” Selma March, Montgomery, 1965

White Citizens Council members at the Alabama State Capitol

Hosea Williams and John Lewis leading marchers over the Alabama

Alabama God Damn, Selma March, 1965

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