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February 3 - April 22, 2012

September 28, 1959, 108th St. East, New York

If the name Vivian Maier is unfamiliar to you, that's because the prolific street photographer was essentially unknown throughout her lifetime. With a camera around her neck whenever she left the house, she would obsessively take pictures, but never showed her photos to anyone. An unabashed and unapologetic original. Now, Maier is posthumously being recognized as one of the greatest American street photographers of the 20th Century. The recent discovery of Maier's pictures has resounded through the photography world and her story has been sweeping the international press. Please join us to view this remarkable discovery.


December 2, 1954, New York

New York, NY, April, 1953

New York, NY, May 28, 1954

Untitled, 1956

Untitled, 1960

Untitled, November 8, 1955

Children and Carriage

Untitled, no date

Untitled, 1953

Untitled, no date

Untitled, 1959

New York, NY, July 23, 1954

Untitled, no date

Undated, New York

Untitled, 1956

Untitled, 1955

Florida, January 9, 1957

New York, 1954

Undated, New York

New York, Fall, 1953

Christmas Eve of 1953, 78th St & 3rd Ave. New York, NY


New York, Undated

1954, New York

Armenian Woman Fighting, September, 1956, Lower East Side, New York

January, 1953, New York

Unknown, September, 1956

September 28, 1959, 108th St. East, New York

Chicago, May 16, 1957

May 27, 1970, Chicago

Undated, Chicago

Chicago, June, 1971

June 7, 1956, Chicago

April 7, 1960, Florida

Untitled, Chicago

Self Portrait, February 1955

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