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Monroe Gallery of Photography specializes in classic black & white photography with an emphasis on humanist and photojournalist imagery. The gallery exhibits a diverse selection of photography by more than 50 important masters. The gallery also represents a select group of contemporary and emerging photographers. Additionally, the gallery is able to search and locate specific photographs you may be looking for.

Monroe Gallery of Photography is owned and staffed exclusively by Sidney S. Monroe and Michelle A. Monroe. Sidney and Michelle Monroe maintain extensive personal connections with important photographers, clients, collectors, dealers, estates, auction houses, and archives world-wide. They have consulted with photographers, estates, and archives to curate and organize programs and exhibitions. They advise private collectors, museums and corporations with an emphasis on building significant collections with a variety of prudent focuses. They are acknowledged experts on the life and work of numerous important photographers, including several famed LIFE Magazine photojournalists, such as Margaret Bourke-White, Carl Mydans, and Alfred Eisenstaedt.

Sidney and Michelle Monroe are regularly invited to speak to photography workshops, seminars, students, and college and school groups. They together have a combined total of more than 40 years of curatorial and academic experience.

The way a photograph can capture time, emotions, and feelings makes photography a unique art form. There is a certain mystery about a photo that captivates viewers and causes them to pause in thought and remembrance. It is this quality that has caused photography to become the main medium of the 20th century. Although many record prices have been set recently, it is exciting to know that the majority of photography continues to be the most affordable of the fine arts. Important photographs by master photographers are still generally available for reasonable prices, as compared to other forms of art.

However, with the rapid development and use of digital technology we may well be witnessing the end of the era for the traditional photography print. We are actually observers to a momentous period of development and change in the medium of photography. Considering it has been just more than 150 years since the invention of the photographic process, we are able to view, enjoy, and collect, simultaneously, examples by "old masters", "living masters" (all now in their eighties or nineties), and significant contemporary photographers.

We invite you to view some of the best photography the 20th and 21st century have to offer at Monroe Gallery of Photography.

We consider ourselves privileged to know, or to have known, so many great photographers personally in our careers, and their humanistic photography and kind hearts have informed us in both our personal and professional lives.

— Sidney and Michelle Monroe

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