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Margaret Bourke-White

Flood Victim Paddling a Boat Made of Washtubs, Louisville, KY (?Time Inc.)

A DC4 Flying Over New York City (?Time Inc.)

Hats in the Garment District, New York, 1930

Industrial Rayon Corporation, Painsville, Ohio (Time Inc.)

Moscow Bombing, July 1941

Statue of Liberty, New York City (?Time Inc.)

Fort Peck Dam, Fort Peck, MT, 1936 (Cover for first issue of LIFE magazine)

Louisville Flood Red Cross Relief Station, Kentucky, 1936

The Vanitie in Practice Spin, 1934

Chrysler Building, New York City, 1931 (c. Time Inc.)

Plow blades, Oliver Child Plow Co, 1930 (c. Time, Inc)

Gandhi, India, 1946

Approaching Storm, Hartman, Colorado, 1954

Gandhi walking with close advisors and family members, India, 1946

Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico, (for TWA), 1935

Statue of Liberty, New York Harbor, 1952

Margaret Bourke-White working atop the Chrysler Building, NY 1934, Oscar Graubner

Gold Miners, Johannesburg, 1950

Buchenwald Prisoners, 1945 (Time Inc.)

Women working in defense industry, Gary, IN, 1943

You Have Seen Their Faces: Little boy and hound dog, 1936

Gandhi with thread, India, 1946

President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Washington, DC, 1935

Ford Motor Company foreman shields his eyes against fiery light of open hearth mill, Detroit, MI 1929

German civilians made to look at instruments of torture and execution at Buchenwald concentration camp, following the liberation by American forces, 1945

Parachute testing, Irving Air Chute Co. Buffalo, NY 1937

Ground crew of the "Bermuda Clipper" 1937

You Have Seen Their Faces: Shackled Feet, 1936

Muslims gather in Delhi at Jami' Masjod, India's largest mosque, 1946

Gun crews, South of Mignana, Italy 1944

Terminal Tower with bridge, Cleveland, OH 1928

Welding tire rims, International Harvester, Chicago, IL, 1933

Hydro-Generators, Niagara Falls Power Co, Niagara Falls, NY, 1928

Patterns made by steel liners for diversion tunnels, Ft. Peck Dam, Montana, 1936

You Have Seen Their Faces: Lucky Stop Garage, 1937

Terminal Tower with Bridge, Cleveland, Ohio, 1928

Nuremberg after Allied bombing, Germany, 1945

Ground Crew of the Bermuda Clipper, 1937

Gandhi with former US President Herbert Hoover, Palace of British Viceroy, 1946

At the time of the Louisville Flood, Louisville, Kentucky, 1937

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