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Ken Regan

Andy Warhol and Mick Jagger

Allen Ginsberg at protests outside Democratic Convention,Chicago,1968

Abbie Hoffman at protests outside Democratic Convention, Chicago,1968

Anti-war protest,Washington, DC, 1968

Woman's Liberation March, New York City,1968

Bruce Springsteen

Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen Meeting For First Time, Backstage, New Haven, Ct, 1975

Bob Dylan, 1975

Bob Dylan and Allen Ginsberg at Jack Kerouac's grave, Lowell, MA, 1975

Bob Dylan and Muhammad Ali In Dressing Room For Night Of The Hurricane

The Rolling Stones, September, 1977

Equal Rights March, Washington, DC, 1993

Women's Rights March, New York, 1994

Pro-Choice Rally, Washington, DC, 1089

Women's Liberation, New York, August, 1970

Women's Liberation March, New York, 1970

Women's Liberation March, Gloria Steinham, New York, 1970

Women's Liberation March, Bella Abzug, New York, 1970

"Kiss-In", Equal Rights March, Washington, DC, 1993

Bob Dylan in coffee shop

Keith Richards backstage c1970s

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