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Guy Gillette

Cutting Christmas Trees, Minnesota

Arnolds, Cafe, Lovelady, Texas, 1956

Best Pals, Summer Camp, 1971

Clown George Barnaby and partner, Ringling Brothers, New York, 1952

Rainy day in Fredricksburg, Virginia, 1948

Virgil Hoyt Porter, Rancher, Texas, 1945

Pledge of Allegiance, Sunday School, Antioch Baptist Church, Texas, 1955

Antioch Baptist Church, Lovelady, Texas, 1965


Dutch Girl, Staten Island, NY, 1961

Audrey Hepburn, She was playing in Colette's

Western painter William R. Leigh and his lithographer, New York, 1948

Diane Keaton, New York, 1977

Self Portrait

Obja Girl gathers rice, North Minnesota, 1964

Wall Street Respite, New York, 1987

Pool comes to Harlem, New York, 1981

Injured Cow Dog, Crockett, Texas, 1950

Lillian and Dorothy Gish, New York, 1954

Henri-Cartier Bresson, NY, 1963

Racers, West Hartland, Connecticut, 1953

Exuberance, West Hartland, Connecticut, 1953


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