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Nina Berman

Donald Trump's speech , Republican National Convention, Cleveland,Ohio, July, 2016

Helicopter Fly By, All America Day with the 82nd Airborne, Ft. Bragg, North Carolina, 2006 - by Nina Berman

Stealth Bomber, Atlantic City, New Jersey, 2007 - by Nina Berman

Ty Gets Dressed For His Wedding, 2006 - by Nina Berman

Ty with Flags, 2006 - by Nina Berman

Marine Wedding, 2006 - by Nina Berman

Randall Clunen, 2004

Afghan Woman with Diploma, Kabul, Afghanistan 1998

Under Taliban: Widow's Bakery, Afghanistan, 1998

NATO Protest, Chicago, 2012

Apple Tree illuminated by gas flaring, Susquehanna County, 2011

Empire State Building, Hurricane Sandy, 2012

Eric Garner Protest March, New York, 2014

"Will I Be Next", site of Eric Garner killing, New York, 2014

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