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LIFE Magazine Photographers

Richard Nixon giving a victory speech, 1968 by Lee Balterman - Time Inc.

Brown Sisters Walk to School, Topeka, Kansas, 1953. Photograph by Carl Iwasaki

Gary Cooper, Aspen, Colorado, 1949

Joe Munroe; Twenty-two exuberant St. Mary's College students folded and stacked inside an on campus phone booth in an attempt to set a record for phone booth cramming, Moraga, California, March 26, 1959

Noel Coward, Las Vegas, Nevada, 1955, by Loomis Dean

Boy Selling Newspapers, Los Angeles, Looking South on Olive Street, 1949 by Loomis Dean

Going Fishing, Texas, 1952 by John Dominis - Time Inc.

Jacques D'Amboise Playing with his Sons, Seattle, Washington, 1962 by John Dominis

Southern Pacific Steam Engine, Donner Pass, California, 1949 by John Dominis - Time Inc

Horned Toad Derby, Eastland, Texas, 1951 by John Dominis - Time Inc.

Brooklyn Dodger Fans celebrating 1955 World Series victory, Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 1955 by Martha Holmes

Jackson Pollock Painting in his Studio, Springs, NY, 1949 by Martha Holmes

Watching "Bwana Devil" in 3-D at the Paramount Theater, Hollywood, 1952

Light-beam contour map used by the Air Force to design flight helmets, 1954

Jackie Robinson rounding Third base during World series against the Yankees, 1955

Children at a Puppet Theatre, Paris, 1963 by Alfred Eisenstaedt

Black Muslim leader Malcolm X photographing Cassius Clay, Miami, 1964, by Bob Gomel

American Expressionists

Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly backstage at the 28th Annual Academy Awards, March 21, 1956. (Audrey Hepburn presented the Best Picture

John and Jacqueline Kennedy at their wedding reception, Newport, RI, 1953

Little League spokesman voices players' demand for pants, Manchester, NH, 1954 by Yale Joel

Playing tug-of-war during snowstorm at Timberline Lodge Ski Club party,1942 by Ralph Morse

Dr. Martin Luther King assassination, Memphis,Tenn., April 4, 1968; Photograph by Joseph Louw

U.S. Marines at battle of Hue, Vietnam, 1968 by John Olsen

The Poor People's Campaign encouraged 2,600 people to the Mall in Washington DC to live for almost 6wks (5/14-6/24 1968) in shantytowns named Resurrection City, by Leonard McComb

Actress Jane Fonda in publicity still for "Barbarella," 1968

Yippies climb a statue of Union General John A. Logan astride a horse in Grant Park during protests at the Democratic National Election, Chicago, IL, late Aug. 1968, by Charles H. Phillips

Freedom Riders Julia Aaron & David Dennis sitting on board interstate bus as they and 25 others are escorted by 2 National Guardsmen holding bayonets, on way from Montgomery, AL to Jackson, MS, May, 1961 - Photo by Paul Schutzer

V-E Day, Paris, 1945 - Photo by Ralph Morse

Women in Parade Down 5th Avenue on the 50th Anniversary of the Passage of the 19th Amendment, New York, 1970 -Photograph by John Olsen

Martin Luther King Jr at a rally in Detroit, 1963 - Photo by Francis Miller

"I Have dream", Martin Luther King Jr at rally in Washington, DC, 1963 - Photo by Francis Miller

Demonstrators during Civil Rights rally in front of the Washington Monument, 1963 - Photo by Francis Miller

Yale Joel -- Young Bug Lovers, Clarksville, Arkansas, 1953

Singer Marian Anderson, denied use of a DAR hall because of her race, giving an Easter concert at the Lincoln Memorial, 1939 - Photo by Frances Miller

Fire hoses turned on would-be rioters protesting integrated school, Little Rock, Arkansas, 1959 - Photo by Frances Miller

Women in Parade Down 5th Avenue on the 50th Anniversary of the Passage of the 19th Amendment, New York, 1970 - Photo by John Olsen

Yale Joel/©Time Inc - The verso (back) of “A view of the funeral for Robert F. Kennedy, 1968” showing inscriptions and usage in publications

FRANCIS MILLER - Police turning fire hoses onto protesters against school integration, Little Rock, Arkansas, 1959

FRANCIS MILLER - “African Americans carrying signs protesting discrimination during demonstration at rally, Detroit, 1963”<

Paul Schutzer - Martin Luther King smiles and shakes hands after address at the Lincoln Memorial. “Prayer Pilgrimage for Freedom”, Washington, DC 1957

Francis Miller - Demonstrators hold hands and sing during Civil Rights demonstration in front of the Washington Monument, 1963

Paul Schutzer - John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy watching Bob’'s children at play, McLean, Virginia, 1957

Francis Miller - Senator Robert F. Kennedy becoming an honorary member of the Sioux tribe, Bismarck, North Dakota, 1963

Ralph Morse - New Yorkers reading of assassination of President John F. Kennedy, 1963

Ralph Crane - Frenchman reading newspaper reports of assassination of President John F. Kennedy, 1963

Yale Joel - View of the funeral for Robert F. Kennedy, 968 (with Robert Kennedy Jr, Edward Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Sergeant Shriver

Gijon Mili - Portrait of Pablo Picasso at home, Mougins, France, 1967

George Silk - Green Bay Packers Head coach Vince Lombardi, 1962

Robert W. Kelly - Miles Davis performing, Café Bohemia, New York, 1958

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