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John Dominis

Jacques D'Amboise Playing with his Sons, Seattle, Washington, 1962

Steve McQeen and his wife, Neile Adams, in sulphur bath, Big Sur, California, 1963

Steve McQueen after motorcycle race, Mojave Desert, 1963

Frank Sinatra, Miami, 1965

Frank Sinatra yanks tablecloth, Miami, 1965

Propman and rubber rocks, Universal City, Hollywood, 1963

Frank Sinatra and Jackie Gleason, 1965

Going Fishing, Texas, 1952

Two Boys, Thailand, 1956

Broad Jump Competition, New Orleans, 1949

Two Children in Coal Mining Town in Hellier, Kentucky, 1964

Dori and Paul Dominis and Ahchou at Play, Hong Kong, 1957

Davy Crockett Craze, Chicago 1955

Mickey Mantle Having A Bad Day At Yankee Stadium, New York, 1965

Chicago Cub's Ernie Banks at bat, Chicago, 1955

1968 Olympics Black Power salute, by John Dominis, Time Inc

Southern Pacific Engine, Donner Pass, California 1949

Robert Redford, Sundance, Utah, 1969

Ben Hogan, Monterey, California, 1954

Horned Toad Derby, Eastland, Texas, 1951

Jacques D'Amboise, New York City Ballet,

Jacques D'Amboise, New York City Ballet, after performing

Jacques D'Amboise and son Christopher, 1963

Jacques D'Amboise, New York City Ballet, 1963

President John F. Kennedy visiting Berlin, 1963

President John F. Kennedy looking over Berlin wall to Eastern Sector, 1963

American General Matthew B. Ridgeway, 1961 - Life Cover

Steve McQueen in his sports car, 1963

Chinese Premiere Chou En Lai and US President Richard Nixon toast each other, Peking, 1972

Woodstock, 1969 ( LIFE Magazine)

Woodstock, 1969

Maria Callas in role as Norma, Lyric Opera House, Chicago, 1954

Steve McQueen at home with pistol

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