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Stephen Wilkes

Hurricane Sandy, Seaside Heights, NJ, 2012

Jerusalem, Western Wall, Day To Night, 2012

Union Square, New York, Day To Night

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, Day to Night, 2013

Detian Falls, Guangxi China, Day To Night, 2017

Ipenema Beach, Rio, Day To Night, 2016

Day to Night, Kumbh Mela, Haridwar, India, 2016

Robson Bight, BC, Canada, Day To Night, 2016

Stonehenge, United Kingdom, Day To Night, 2017

Tour de France, Paris, Day To Night, 2016

Varanassi, Day To Night

Easter Mass, The Vatican, Rome, Italy, Day to Night, 2016

The Netherlands, Tulip Fields, Day to Night, 2016

6996 Rio






Tour de France



Rock, Scotland, Day to Night, 2017

Bogoria, Kenya, Day to Night, 2017

Sanctuary, Nebraska, Day to Night, 2017

Jason, Falkland Islands, Day to Night, 2017

Grizzly Bears, Bella Coola, British Columbia, Canada, Day To Night, 2018

Ottawa, Canada 150, Day To Night, 2017

Government Cut, Miami, Day To Night, 2015

Greenland, Day To Night, 2019

Iceland, Day To Night, 2019

Red Square, Moscow, Day To Night, 2016

Schonbrunn Palace, Vienna, Day To Night, 2016

Corridor 9, Island 3

Linen Room, Door Study, Island 3

Hospital extension, women's ward, Island 2

Psychiatric hospital, wall study with light switch, Island 2

Isolation ward, curved corridor, Island 3

Tuberculosis Ward, Statue of Liberty, Island 3

Patient Ward with light on table, Island 3

Nurses' quarters, Island 3

Administration Office, single shoe, Island 3

The autoclave, Island 3

Main Hospital, blue room with bed frame, Island 2

Snow-covered corridor, Island 3

Powerhouse, Boiler, Island 3

Psychiatric Hospital, broom study, Island 2

Measles ward, oak file cabinets, Island 3

Measles ward, sink with snow scene through window, Island 3

Corridor 9, window study, sunset, Island 3

Corridor 9, doorway, Island 3

Isolation ward, Eveready batteries, Island 3

Psychiatric Hospital, sunken bed, Island 2

Morgue, prep room, Island 3

White tile study, O.R., Island 2

Courtyard, fall study, Island 3

Measles ward through window, Island 3

Nurses' quarters, billowing shade at sunset, Island 3

Administration building, hallway, Island 3

Hospital extension, faucet study (floor), Island 2

Isolation ward, fall courtyard through window, Island 3

Administration building, snow-covered entrance, Island 3

Measles ward, lone chair and window, Island 3

Administration building, dresser and mirror, Island 3

Lone Tree, Guilin, China

Isolation ward, suitcase, Island 3

Isolation ward, wall study with pipes, Island 3

Psychiatric Hospital, brig, Island 2

Linen room, Island 3

Isolation ward, Statue of Liberty, Island 3

Administration building, room with vines, Island 3

Psychiatric Hospital, brig sink study, Island 2

Nurses' quarters, twin sink study, Island 3

Psychiatric ward, hallway, Island 3

Nurses' quarters, lawn chair, Island 3

Measles ward, puddle of snow, Island 3

Measles ward, huddled chairs, Island 3

Ferry building, roof study with eagles, Island 2

Measles ward, shattered door study, Island 3

Hospital extension, operating room, pigeon study, Island 2

Immigrant Hospital complex, main kitchen, Island 3

Administration building, dark hallway, Island 3

Hospital extension, bar stool, Island 2

Measles ward, red sunset, Island 3

Measles ward, lone chair, Island 3

Powerhouse, door study, Island 3

Arial Ellis Island

Psychiatric Hospital, green room, Island 2

Administrative quarters, staff house, Island 3

Measles ward, two chairs, Island 3

Psychiatric Hospital, detention cage, Island 2

Paint room, Island 3

Measles ward, hallway study with plant life, Island 3

Outer building, toilet basin study, Island 2

Measles ward, brick study, Island 3

Psychiatric Hospital, green hallway, Island 2

Psychiatric Hospital, blue room, Island 2

Morgue, detail refrigeration unit, Island 3

Psychiatric Hospital,

Morgue, prep room, Island 3

Hospital extension, O.R. room, Island 2

Morgue, Island 3

Administration building, shattered bathroom study, Island 3

Isolation ward, white tiles and dripping ceiling, Island 3

Isolation ward, recreation room, window study, Island 3

Hospital extension, faucet study (wall), Island 2

Isolation ward, ceiling fixture detail, Island 3

Isolation ward with white chair, Island 3

Hudson River, water study

Ceiling light fixture, detail, Island 3

The High Line, New York

Washington Square, 2009

Central Park, 2010

Flat Iron Building, New York, 2010

Times Square, New York, 2010

Park Avenue

Gramercy Park

Coney Island

Bethlehem Steel

Bethlehem Steel

Bethlehem Steel

Bethlehem Steel

Bethlehem Steel

Bethlehem Steel

Bethlehem Steel

Bethlehem Steel

Bethlehem Steel

Bethlehem Steel

Executive Offices, Bethlehem Steel

Huge Toolshed, Bethlehem Steel

Wall Study, Bethlehem Steel

Coke Ovens, Bethlehem Steel

Shadow Arches, Blast Furnace, Bethlehem Steel

Gas blowing Engine House, Bethlehem Steel

Man and lake, China, 2006

China, 2006

China, 2006

Farm house before demolition, China, 2006

Farm house after demolition, China, 2006

China, 2007

China, 2007

Gulin Mountains, China

Snowy bridge and mountain, China

Guilin, China

Rice Paddies, China

Grape Sheds, Turpan, China, 2008

Rooftops, Old Section near new construction,Beijing, China

Interior of Skyscraper Tower, Shanghai

Pudong, China, at night

National Centre for the Performing Arts,

Artspace, China,2007

Construction, Shanghai, 2005

Data Center,Olympic Village,Beijing, China,2008

Olympic Village Construction, China, 2008

Construction Workers, Beijing, China,2008

Steel Cables, Three Gorges Dam, Yangtze River in Sandouping, Yichang, Humei, China, 2008

Backside of Three Gorges Dam, Yangtze River in Sandouping, Yichang, Humei, China, 2008

Three Gorges Dam Lock, Sandouping, Yichang, Humei, China, 2008

Three Gorges Dam at Yangtze River, Jui Li village, Sandouping, Yichang, Humei, China, 2008

Lone Factory Worker, China, 2005

Broad Group Factory, China

China, 2005

China, 2005

Red Bag, China

In Katrina's Wake: TV in sand

In Katrina's Wake: Fireplace

In Katrina's Wake: Brother Charles

In Katrina's Wake: Theater

In Katrina's Wake: Damaged Car

America in Detail

Snow Covered Shore

Alaska Glacier with Climber

Red Canoe

Huntington Beach, California

Eulogy to a dumpscape: Fresh Kills Landfill

Red Coat

New York Public Library, 5th Avenue, New York, 2011

Bethesda Fountain Day To Night

Shanghai, Day To Night, 2012

Times Square, New Year's Eve, Day To Night, 2011

Santa Monica, Day To Night

Inauguration, Washington, DC, January 21, 2013, Day To Night

Westport, Hurricane Sandy, 2012

Millennium Park, Day to Night, Chicago, 2013

Wrigley Field, Day to Night, Chicago, 2013

America’s Cup Race, Day To Night, San Francisco, 2013

Paris, Tournelle Bridge, Day To Night

London, View from the Savoy, Day To Night

The Eiffel Tower, Paris, Day To Night, 2013

Rockefeller Center, Day To Night

Tel Aviv, Day To Night, 2013

Yosemite, Tunnel View, Day To Night 2014

Essex House, Central Park, Day To Night, 2014

Trafalgar Square, London Day To Night, 2014

House in Reeds, Oakwood Beach, Staten Island, 2013

Oil Study, Louisiana, 2010

Deepwater Horizon, Louisiana, 2010

Serengeti, Tanzania, Day to Night, 2015

Recycled Cans

Recycled Wire

Recycled Metal

Hurricane Katrina: Bible Box

Hurricane Katrina: Interior Fireplace

Hurricane Katrina: Bridge Through Window

Deepwater Horizon: Northern Gannett, 2010

Bomb Craters, Laos, 2015

Cherry Blossoms, National Mall and Memorial Parks, Day to Night, Washington D.C., 2015

Old Faithful, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, Day to Night, 2015

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, 2015

Regatta Story, Venice, Day To Night, 2015

Venice, Church of San Giorgio Maggiore, Day To Night, 2016

Venice, Campanile San Giorgio, Day To Night, 2016

Brooklyn Bridge, New York, Day To Night., 2016

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