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Joe McNally

Faces of Ground Zero: Louie Cacchioli, Firefighter, Engine 47, FDNY

Louie Cacchioli, Firefighter, Engine 47, FDNY

Changing Light Bulb, Empire State Building, New York, 2001

Empire State Building, New York

Two faces of Steve Martin

Synchronized Swimmers, 1996


Ballerina Summer Palace, Beijing

Rooftop Ballerina (Nadia Gracheva, Prima Ballerina), Bolshoi Ballet, Red Square, Moscow, 1997

Bolshoi Dancers

Gwen Torrance

Olympian Jackie Joyner-Kersee, 1996

Diver Russ Bertram, 1996

Refugee Girl after the Genocide, Rwanda, 1997

Phan Thi Kim Phuc – The Napalm Girl, 25 Years Later, 1995

Road Runner: Gail Devers, 1996

Blue Angels 360 Roll, 2003

Alone in the Woods, Mikhail Gorbachev, Moscow, 1998

Girl in Doorway, Mumbai, 1999

Future of Flying: X-47A Pegasus Drone, China Lake, NAWS, 2003

Bolshoi Ballerina Tenement, Downtown Moscow, 1997

Goldman Sachs Building, Lower Manhattan, 2010

Yellowstone - Walkway in the Fog, 2006

Donald Blake, 2010

Ballerina Jenifer Ringer with Ladder #9, Engine 33, 2011

Ballerina on Jeepney, Manila, Philippines, 2013

Bus Rider, Copper Canyon, Mexico, 1988

Corridor, Ellis Island, 1989

Abandoned, Ellis Island, 1989

Market Scene, India, 1999

NYC Marathon, 1999

Woman at Home, Kabul, Afghanistan, 1997

Jazz Legends, LIFE, 1997

Refugee Camp, Rwanda, 1997

Michelle Pfeiffer with Smithsonian Gems, 1995

Feet of Paloma Herrera, ABT, 1996

Diana Ross - Central Park Concert, 1983

Carpenter Hands, Ellis Island Reconstruction, 1989

George Lucas - Star Wars, 1998

Crutches, Ellis Island, 1989

Michelle Yeoh, Hollywood Sign, 1998

Peering into Space, NASA, 2008

Stargazing, New Mexico, 1999

Ironman Triathlon, Hawaii, 1999

Shane Hamman, Olympic Heavyweight Lifter, Leaping, 1999

Subway Fears, NYC, 1985

Home-Plate Dust-up with "Sweet Lou" Piniella and Ron Luciano, 1978

Dana Carvey, NYC subway, 1992

Return of the Hostages, 1981

Death of Jim Henson, Muppets, 1990

Water Polo Boys, 1996

Chechen Children in Ruins of their Home, 1997

Land-Mine Victims, 1997

Lower East Side Artist “Poppo,” 1985

Louie Cacchioli, FDNY, Engine 47, 2001

Harry Davis, FDNY, Squad #18, 2001

Tony Bennett, 2006

Trachoma Victim, Tanzania, 1991

View from Top of Burj Khalifa, Dubai, 2013

Lawrence Livermore Labs (white suit), California, 2011

Lawrence Livermore Labs (green light), California, 2011

Joe and Michelle Yeoh over Hollywood Sign, 1998

Joe walking the High Wire - "The 21st Century Grid" story for National Geographic, 2009

Joe Shooting from Yellow Helicopter - “The 21st Century Grid” story for National Geographic, 2009

Joe Self-Portrait from Empire State Building, 2001

Joe on Rooftop with Bolshoi Ballerina - COLOR, 1997

Joe on Rooftop with Bolshoi Ballerina - B&W, 1997

Jenifer Ringer, 2000

Rudy Giuliani, 2001

Jan Demczur, 2001

Joe Hodges, 2001

Billy Ryan and Mike Morrissey, 2001

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