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Andreas Feininger

An American Sunday, Central Park, New York City (?Time Inc.)

George Washington Bridge, New York (?Time Inc.)

Model of Plane on Float

Queen Elizabeth in New York Harbor (?Time Inc.)

The Photojournalist, 1955

Huge billboard depicting Marlene Dietrich in Kismet over Astor Movie theater in Times Square, New York, 1944

Route 66, Arizona, 1953

Playing Ball Outside Entrances To Hudson River, New York, 1949

New York at night, c. 1940s

42 Street viewed from Weehauken, New Jersey

Brooklyn Bridge in the fog, New York, 1948

View of New York City skyline from Bendix, NJ, 1940's

Coney Island, NY, July 4, 1949

Jewish shop on Lower East Side, Manhattan, 1940

Sand Street, Brooklyn, NY, 1946

A nickel to Staten Island on ferry, New York, 1949

Fifth Avenue looking north from 32nd St., NY, 1948

Fulton Fish Market, Port of New York, NY, 1945

Horse drawn wagon at loading platform, Port of New York, NY, 1949

Midtown Fifth Avenue during lunch hour, New York, 1948

S. S. United States, New York Harbor, 1952

Navy helicopter or Pattern Made by Helicopter Wing Lights, Anacostia, MD, 1949

Landscape, California, 1952

A gang of longshoremen walk to work on dock, while others stand around hoping they will be as lucky, Cunard Line Pier, New York, 1946

Unloading coffee at Brooklyn dock, New York, c. 1946

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