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Hollywood Photographers

Elvis Presley, Tupelo, Mississippi, 1956

Jayne Mansfield and Sophia Loren, Romanoff's, Beverly Hills, c.1958 (Joe Shere ? MPTV)

Harald Lloyd in

Louis Armstrong on the set of Still of Grace Kelly and Bing Crosby in High Society (1956)

Al Pacino in character as Michael Corleone on the set of

Paul Newman during the making of "Somebody Up There Likes Me," 1956

James Stewart with Doris Day,

James Dean resting between scenes,

Judy Garland in make-up on

Jean Harlow kissing Robert Taylor,

Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole at the Villa Capri, 1955 by Bernie Abramson

Eric Skipsey - Marilyn Monroe with pet 'Maf Honey' (a gift from Frank Sinatra) at the Beverly Hills Hotel, 1961

Elizabeth Taylor, "Cleopatra", 1963

"From Russia With Love", 1963

"The Birds", 1963

Steve McQueen, "The Great Escape"

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