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Charles Moore

Martin Luther King, Jr. Arrested on a Loitering Charge, Montgomery, September 3, 1958

Fire hoses aimed at demonstrators, Birmingham, 1963

Birmingham Protests, May 1963

Fire hoses aimed at Demonstrators, Birmingham, Alabama, 1963

Martin Luther King Jr. and Ralph Abernathy Walk Toward Their Arrest, Birmingham, Alabama, April 16, 1963

In a Show of Support that Brought Together Different Factions of the Movement, Civil Rights Leaders Joined the Funeral Procession for Medgar Evers, Mississippi, 1963

Freedom March: Marchers join hands and sing “We Shall Overcome”, 1963

Voter Registration, 1963

James Meredith with US Marshals, Oxford, Mississippi, 1962

Comedian Dick Gregory and other demonstrators are directed by Police during Voter Registration drive, Mississippi, 1963

Woman of the Klan bow their heads in prayer at a rally near Salisbury, North Carolina, 1965

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