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Bobby Seale meets with Students, UC Santa Cruz, January 1968

Bodies of women and children killed by U.S. troops near the village of My Lai, South Vietnam, March 1968

Charlton Heston in a scene from Image from


Rising Earth greets Apollo 8 Astronauts, December 29,1968 by William Anders/National Archive

Stickball (Brooklyn Gang), New York, 1959, Photograph by Bruce Davidson

Taxi, New York Night, 1947-48, Photograph by Ted Croner

Central Park South, 1947-48, Photograph by Ted Croner

Edwin E. Aldrin Jr. on the lunar surface, 1969 by NASA

Apollo 11 lunar module ascent from surface of moon, 1969 by NASA

Apollo 11 lift off, July 16, 1969

Iraq "War Games", Baghdad, Iraq, July 2, 2007 - by Hadi Mizban

Bob Gruen -- John Lennon, New York, 1974

Andy Warhol, Edie Sedgwick and Chuck Wein, New York, 1965

James Dean, Times Square, 1955

Bruce Davidson Lefty showing off his new tattoo, Brooklyn, New York, 1959

Bob Adelman, Birmingham, 1963

Miles Davis, Café Bohemia, New York, 1958

Wright Brothers First Flight, Kitty Hawk, December 17, 1903 - John T. Daniels

Assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Dallas, Texas, November 23, 1963 - Abraham Zapruder

Elizabeth Eckford enters Little Rock High School, 1957 - Jack Perkins

Iraq "War Games", Baghdad, Iraq, July 2, 2007 - Hadi Mizbahn

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