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SANTA FE — Monroe Gallery of Photography, 112 Don Gaspar, is pleased to announce "HARRY BENSON: 50 YEARS," a major retrospective exhibition celebrating the publication of his newest book "Once There Was A Way: Photographs Of The Beatles". Monroe Gallery of Photography is honored to welcome Harry Benson to Santa Fe for a public opening reception on Friday, November 28, 5-8 PM. The exhibition continues through January 11, 2004.

A native of Glasgow, Scotland, Harry came to America with The Beatles in 1964, and made New York his home. He began working for LIFE Magazine in 1967, and continued to photograph for LIFE until 2002. Now under contract with Vanity Fair and The New Yorker, his photographs have appeared in countless major magazines and newspapers throughout the world.

From their first tour in Paris in 1964 until their last tour in America in 1966, Harry Benson accompanied The Beatles and chronicled their transformation into legends of rock music. He was witness to their most exciting moments, public and private. Among his many memorable images of this period is the photograph of the pillow fight the Beatles had in their Paris hotel room upon learning that "I Want To Hold Your Hand" had become the number one song on the American pop charts.

"He was just steps from Bobby Kennedy the night the senator was shot, steps from Coretta Scott King at her husband's funeral, steps from Richard Nixon the day the president resigned in disgrace. He was on hand for the Freedom March through Mississippi, the Watts riots, the I.R.A. hunger strikes, the fall of Czechoslovakia and Romania and the Berlin Wall. He was invited by Jackie Kennedy to shoot her daughter Caroline's wedding (to Edwin Schlossberg), invited into Michael Jackson's bedroom (to take baby pictures of Jackson's son Prince), invited into Elizabeth Taylor's hospital suite (to photograph the star, bald, after brain surgery).

Flip through the book Harry Benson: Fifty Years in Pictures (Abrams) and one gets the eerie impression that for half a century he has been nothing less than photojournalism's Zelig--the man who happens to materialize, with a camera, whenever history envelops the high and mighty. He covered every president since Eisenhower, the first US casualty in Bosnia, firefights in Kosovo, the pall of smoke above the Twin Towers' wreckage on September 11, 2001. Before there was a 24-hour news cycle, before there was a CNN or a FOX, there was The Fox, a lone lensman from Scotland with a hungry eye trained upon the world's public prey." - David Friend, Editor, Vanity Fair

Visit the Harry Benson page to see more.

Beatles Pillow Fight, Hotel George V, Paris, 1964

Sir Winston Churchill, Harrow School, England, 1964

Martin Luther King Jr., Canton, Mississippi, 1996

The Beatles Arriving in New York, February 7, 1964

President John F. Kennedy and President Charles de Gaulle, Paris, 1961

The Beatles, Ed Sullivan Show, New York, 1964

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