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Santa Fe - Monroe Gallery of Photography, 112 Don Gaspar, is pleased to announce a major exhibition of photographs by Neil Leifer that document the changes in sports, culture, and society over a period of more than 40 years: "Neil Leifer: Then and Now". The exhibition opens April 21 with a public reception for Neil Leifer from 5 - 7 PM. The exhibition continues through July 1.

Neil Leifer is responsible for photographing many of the images we hold in our minds of the iconic figures of sports history. "Neil Leifer's unforgettable photograph of Muhammad Ali standing over a fallen Sonny Liston is perhaps the greatest in sports history, but it's only one of countless examples of his artistry. You have to be a Neil Leifer admirer, for you have been seeing his pictures and they've been shaping your impressions and memories for decades" - Bob Costas

In 2005 Sports Illustrated commissioned Neil Leifer to travel throughout the year, revisiting major sporting events such as the Super Bowl, the first pitch for the new Washington Nationals, the Kentucky Derby, The Masters, The Tour de France, and many others.

Photographs in the exhibition offer vivid contrasts in the changes that have occurred in sports, athletes, culture, and society over more than 4 decades. Examples include: President John F. Kennedy attending the baseball season opener in Washington, DC in 1961 and President George W. Bush doing the same 34 years later as baseball returned to the capital. More than 50 photographs taken 40 or more years apart further document the commercialization of sports arenas, the racial integration of sports, and the intense importance now placed on fitness and athleticism.

To see more of Neil Leifer's photographs, click here.

Ali & Neil

Muhammad Ali Knocks Out Sonny Liston, Lewiston, Maine, May 25, 1965

President John F. Kennedy

Arnold Palmer, U.S. Open, San Francisco, June 19, 1966

1963 World Series Final Game - Sandy Koufax (jumping/celebrating), Maury Wills, Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, CA

Lance Armstrong, the Alps, Tour de France, July, 2005

Tiger Woods, The British Open, St. Andrews, July, 2005

Sasha Cohen, U.S.Figure Skating Challenge, Boston,2005

Muhammad Ali training, Fifth Street Gym, Miami, 1970

Vince Lombardi being carried off the field, Green Bay, WI, 12/31/61 - NFL Championship Game, Packers Defeat Giants

Venus Williams, U.S.Open, New York, September, 2005

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