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Santa Fe-Monroe Gallery of Photography, 112 Don Gaspar, is honored to announce an important exhibition,"Speak Truth To Power". The exhibition of more than 50 compelling photographs illustrates the belief that every individual possesses the power to cause positive change - that a photograph really can "change the world". The exhibit opens Friday, July 6, from 5 - 7 PM and will continue through September 23.

Mandela's return to his Cell on Robben Island 1994

Exhibition illustrates the power of photography to inform, persuade, enlighten and enrich the viewer's life

This ambitious exhibition presents photographs that have caused us, as observers, to re-examine our pre-conceived notions and readjust our perspective of the world we inhabit. The photographs document the courage of leading rights defenders and other lesser known and everyday people who have been championing rights and who walk among us in every country of the world. Also included are several major events as chronicled by photojournalists that galvanized society to effect change.

It has been accepted that words can and do change the world. The effect of words can reach so many hearts and minds that they impact the human condition and the course of mankind. Speeches incite, editorials persuade, poems inspire. The renowned AP photojournalist Eddie Adams once wrote "Still photographs are the most powerful weapon in the world. Words and pictures have a continuing struggle for primacy. In my mind, a person can write the best story in the world; but a photograph is absolute."

"Speak Truth To Power" documents the unforgettable affirmation of the human spirit and is homage to people of great courage and heart who have committed to noble principles.

Kek Galabru, Cambodia,1999

Mother Teresa cradling a baby girl at her order's orphanage, India, 1978

Robert Kennedy on plane,1968

Martin Luther King, Jr. Arrested on a Loitering Charge, Montgomery,
September 3, 1958

On the road,Selma March,
Alabama, 1965

Selma March, Alabama, 1965

Malcolm X Addressing Black Muslim
Rally in Chicago, 1963

Black Muslim leader Malcolm X photographing Cassius Clay, Miami, 1964

John Lennon, New York, 1974

Pentagon Peace Demonstration, Washington, DC, 1967


Peace Anti-War Rally, Central Park,
Spring 1968

Street execution of a Viet Cong prisoner, Saigon, 1968

Villagers Fleeing a Napalm Strike, Village of Trang Bang, Vietnam, June 8, 1972

The Berlin wall comes down,

Lone protester, Tiananmen Square,
Beijing, 1989

Simon Wiesenthal revisiting Mauthausen Concentration Camp, Austria,1965

A Pioneer Organizer Of The Office Workers' Union, Wall Street and Broad Street, NYC, 1936

Gandhi, India,1946

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