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October 1 - November 21

Monroe Gallery of Photography, 112 Don Gaspar, is honored to announce an extensive exhibition of photographs by Carl Mydans.

"Chain Gang" of New York Stock Exchange Officers Carries Traded Securities Each Day to Banks and Brokerage Houses (©Time Inc.)

Born in Massachusetts, near Boston, in 1907, Mydans' keen sensitivity and honesty compelled him toward a lifetime of social and historical documentary photography. After working for the Boston Globe and the Boston Herald, he joined the photographic staff of the Farm Security Administration. Working with Walker Evans, Dorothea Lange, and Arthur Rothstein to document the conditions of people and their surroundings most affected by the Depression, Mydans would say the FSA experience was one of the most important influences in his life. Mydans joined LIFE magazine as a staff photographer in 1936. This exhibition feature rare photographs from the early years of Mydans's career, through his more than five decades with LIFE.

"My very first period, when I was photographing with the FSA, I consider to be my most meaningful body of work. Before that, I didn't know what America really was. I learned who the people were, what they thought, what they did, what they read and what they cooked and ate. There are some things that come back to me, and when I see a farmer tilling his rice in Asia, there's something about that Asian farmer that carries me back to our own American farmers in 1936. In a word, that experience I had working with the FSA, in 1936 and 1937, gave me a greater feeling for America, and from that a greater feeling for the people of the world." - Carl Mydans, 1997

A Pioneer Organizer Of The Office Workers' Union, Wall Street and Broad Street, NYC, 1936

Demonstrators in a Works Progress Administration (WPA) Strike, 1937 ©Time Inc.

Cafe in Pikesville, Tennessee, 1936 (for the Farm Security Administration) ©Time Inc.

Brick carrier at model community planned by the Suburban Division of the U.S. Resettlement Administration, Greenbelt, Maryland, 1936 (for the Farm Security Administration) ©Time Inc.

The Nation's Capitol viewed from a nearby slum area, Washington, DC 1936 (for the Farm Security Administration) ©Time Inc.

Daughter of Migrant Workers near Raymondville, Texas, 1937 ©Time Inc.

Migrant woman by the side of the road, Texas, 1937

Boy Sitting on a Bed in Oil Boom Town of Freer, Texas, 1937 (©Life Magazine/Time Warner Inc.)

A view showing The Purple Sage Tavern, West George, Texas, 1939 ©Time Inc.

Loungers Hang Around the Duval Club Lunchroom, Freer, Texas (©Time Inc.)

Roustabouts in Freer, Texas, take time off from their job, 1937 (©Life Magazine/Time Warner Inc.)

Oil field worker, Freer, Texas,1937

Dancing at Rosie's Cafe, Texas, 1937

A view showing the Tamale industry in Brownsville Marketplace, Brownsville, Texas, 1939 ©Time Inc.

A shoe store in Nacoma, the oldest boot manufacturing center in the state, Nacoma, Texas, Texas, 1939 ©Time Inc.

Russo-Finnish Winter War (1939-40), Reindeer being herded, Finland, 1940

Ministers Meeting, Fascist Rome, Italy, 1940

General Douglas Macarthur, Just Before Going Ashore at Lingayen Gulf in Luzon, January 9 (©Time, Inc.)

General Douglas MacArthur Landing at Luzon (©Time Inc.)

Japanese Surrender on Board the U.S.S. Missouri in Tokyo Bay, September 2, 1945 (©Life Magazine/Time Warner Inc.)

The Hiwa Department store crumbling from earthquake, Fukui, Japan, 1948

Korean mother carries her baby and worldly goods while fleeing fighting, Seoul, Korea, 1951

A Child Protects Her Brother from a Stranger with a Camera, Tsingtao, China (©Time Inc.)

Prime Minister Winston Churchill at Biggleswade, England, 1955 (©Life Magazine/Time Warner Inc.)

Landscape, Wales (©Time, Inc.)

Fog Coming in, Swansea, Wales, 1954

Nobel Prize Laureate William Faulkner, West Point, 1962 ©Time Inc.

Senator John F. Kennedy Campaigning with his Wife in Boston (©Time, Inc.)

On the 6:25 from Grand Central to Stamford, CT, November 22, 1963

"Chain Gang" of New York Stock Exchange Officers Carries Traded Securities Each Day to Banks and Brokerage Houses (©Time Inc.)

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