Monroe Gallery of Photography
Monroe Gallery of Photography

'Tis The Season

November 26 through January 30, 2011

As winter approaches in the northern hemisphere and the days grow short, this exhibition looks to the beauty of ice and snow. Just in time for the holidays, the exhibition also includes several photographs depicting the celebrations of the season.

Evergreen Trees at -51 Degrees Mt. Tremblant, Canada, 1944

Trees in snow,St. Moritz, 1947

Central Park After A Snowstorm, New York, 1959

Ice Skating Waiter, St. Moritz, 1932

Truman Capote ice skating in Rockefeller Center, 1959

Ice Skaters, Motion Study, 1958

Hill and Gully Riders, New Kensington, PA, 1958

Sledding in Central Park, 1939

Self-Portrait, 1962

Cross country skier at the 1960 Winter Olympics, Squaw Valley, California, 1960

In search of snow, Stowe, Vermont, 1964

Three Santa Clauses leaving Downtown IRT Subway, New York, 1958

Christmas reflections, Boston, 1955

Labor Camp for Boys, Dimitrovgrad, 1992

Zhdanovskaya Coal Miners, Ukraine, 1992

Nentsy Family, Siberian Arctic, 1992

Fulton Fish Market, New York, 1946

18th Street Station, Winter, c. 1936

Incident in a Snow Storm, New York, 1948

White Barn, New Preston, CT, 2007

Central Park, Day Into Night, 2010

Red Coat

Russo-Finnish Winter War (1939-40), Reindeer being herded, Finland, 1940

Southern Pacific Engine, Donner Pass, California 1949

White Stoops, New York, 1951

Snowy Topping on Ice Cakes, New York, 1946

Atlas Holding a Snowy World, Rockefeller Plaza, New York, 1946

Snowy Garbage Cans, New York, 1946

Tired and Weary

A long way home

Trees In Snow Storm, Stowe, Vermont,1971

Maine Morning, Pemaquid, ME, 1978

Evening on Pemaquid River, Pemaquid, ME, 1973

Wrought Iron Design in Snow, NYC, 1945

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