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Mark Shaw: The Kennedys

Jackie Kennedy at John. F. Kennedy's Senate desk, 1959

Monroe Gallery of Photography, is pleased to announce a major exhibition of photographs by Mark Shaw, concurrent with the publication of the new book "The Kennedys". The exhibition opens on Friday, November 23, and will continue through January 27, 2013.

This stunning new publication is the definitive collection of Mark Shaw's renowned photographs of the Kennedys. Most of the photographs featured in the book and exhibition have never been seen before. Shaw first photographed the Kennedys in 1959 for Life magazine. He subsequently developed a close friendship with the family that gave him extraordinary and informal access to their inner circle. During the following four years, Shaw captured them at their most relaxed: in Nantucket, Hyannis Port, Jacqueline's family home in Merrywood, Virginia and on The Amalfi Coast with the Agnellis. On the campaign trail in West Virginia, pre-White House at their first proper family home in Georgetown and at the star-studded inauguration gala. He became the Kennedys' unofficial family photographer and his captivating shots capture some of their most intimate and candid moments. Among the most memorable photographs must be the image that was JFK's personal favorite; the photograph he told his family and friends he liked best. Perhaps somewhat poignantly, as the 50th anniversary of the assassination approaches, it is the image of Kennedy walking alone in the sand dunes at Hyannis Port which resonates, alongside a later iconic and moving image of the rider-less horse and the fallen leader's reversed riding boots.

Mark Shaw lived from 1922-1969. As a photographer he is perhaps best known for his images of Jacqueline and John F. Kennedy, however he was also a leading fashion photographer, Mark Shaw worked for Harper's Bazaar, Mademoiselle, and a host of other fashion magazines. He started working for LIFE magazine in 1952 and in 16 years shot 27 covers and almost 100 stories.

Jacqueline and John F. Kennedy at Hyannis Port 1959

John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy in April of 1961

Outtake from 1959 Life cover story

Outtake from 1959 Life cover story

Jackie and John F. Kennedy on the porch of Joseph Kennedy's house, Hyannis Port. 1959

Jackie, Caroline, and John F. Kennedy on the patio of Joseph Kennedy's house, Hyannis Port. 1959

John Looking at his Reflection in Tabletop, Palm Beach 1963

Jackie Taking a Picture Using Mark's Camera, Italy, 1962

John F. Kennedy, 1959

John, Jacqueline, and Caroline Kennedy outside their Georgetown house, 1959

Jacqueline Kennedy walks by Georgetown Canal, 1959

Jacqueline Kennedy, Georgetown, 1959

Jacqueline Kennedy campaigning with John, Wheeling, West Virginia, 1959

Jackie and Caroline photographed at Jackie's mother's Virginia estate in 1959

Jacqueline Kennedy swinging Caroline in surf, Hyannis Port, 1959

John Kennedy on dunes, Hyannis Port, 1959

Jacqueline Kennedy and Caroline, Hyannis Port, 1959

Kennedy family sailing, Nantucket Sound, 1959

Kennedy Family sailing on Nantucket Sound. 1959

Jackie, JFK and Caroline on Sail Boat, Hyannis Port

Kennedy family on beach, Hyannis Port, 1959

Kennedy family on beach, Hyannis Port, 1959 (Caroline on shoulder)

Jackie and John Jr. out for a stroll in 1963, Palm Beach, Florida

Kennedy Family on beach, Hyannis Port, 1959 (Caroline overhead)

Jackie Helps Caroline with Shoe in Georgetown

The Kennedys in Georgetown ,1959

Caroline and Jackie Kennedy in Georgetown ,1959

Jackie and John Jr. Palm Beach 1963

Jackie in a grocery store in Georgetown, 1959

The Kennedys in John's Senate office

Rider-less horse and funeral procession, November 25, 1963

Funeral procession, November 25, 1963

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