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June 29 through September 15, 2018

The Kennedy campaign travels through the Watts section of Los Angeles on the last day before the primary, 1968
Bill Eppridge (1938–2013) was one of the most accomplished photojournalists of the Twentieth Century and captured some of the most significant moments in American history: he covered wars, political campaigns, heroin addiction, the arrival of the Beatles in the United States, Vietnam, Woodstock, the summer and winter Olympics, and perhaps the most dramatic moment of his career - the assassination of Senator Robert Kennedy in Los Angeles. Over the last 60 years, his work appeared in numerous publications, including National Geographic, Life, and Sports Illustrated.

He was the recipient of the 2011 Lucie Award for Achievement in Photojournalism. According to Aurichio, “the most important element to Eppridge was always content but composition helped communicate the content. His own writings on the subject that he titled, “Journalist as artist”, express his philosophy: “A journalist does not necessarily imply ‘artist’ but you are not going to make your point if you cannot make a picture that people will stop and explore...the ‘artist’ in one instant must establish a sense of time, a sense of place, a moment of importance, a moment of aesthetic beauty all in the same frame, one moment in history. In terms of importance, the fewer of these present, the less significant the photograph. Anybody can take pictures, but not anybody can become a photographer.’”

Bobby Kennedy with crowd during the 1968 Presidential race

Bobby Kennedy campaigns into the night, 1968

Bobby Kennedy campaigns in IN during May of 1968, with various aides and friends: former prizefighter Tony Zale and (right of Kennedy) N.F.L. stars Lamar Lundy, Rosey Grier, and Deacon Jones

The Kennedy campaign travels through the Watts section of Los Angeles on the last day before the primary, 1968

Senator Robert Kennedy at a rally in Sioux City, Iowa, 1966

Presidential candidate Bobby Kennedy and his dog, Freckles, running on an Oregon beach, 1968 (cover of Life Magazine, June 14, 1968)

Robert F. Kennedy in front of a poster of his brother, Columbus, Ohio, 1968

Busboy Juan Romero tries to comfort Presidential candidate Bobby Kennedy after assassination attempt, June 5, 1968

The Robert F. Kennedy funeral train travels through Trenton, New Jersey

Mississippi Burning: Funeral procession of James Chaney, Mississippi, 1964

The Chaney family as they depart for the burial of James Chaney, Meridian, Mississippi, August 7, 1964

Sheriff Rainey, outside the church, on the day of James Chaney's funeral, Mississippi, August 7, 1964

A sign in rear window of car in Philadelphia, Mississippi

Burial of James Chaney - his parents seated, center, August 1964

Aerial view of the dam where the bodies of James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, and Michael Schwerner were buried, August 8, 1964, near Philadelphia, Mississippi

Mrs. Chaney and young Ben, James Chaney funeral, Meridian, Mississippi, 1964

Robert Shelton, Imperial Wizard, of the United Klans of America, Alabama, 1964

Kent Courtney, National Chair of the Conservative Society of America, 1964

Barbara Streisand with empty frame, 1964

Barbara Streisand - Color Me Barbara taping, New York, 1966

Barbra Streisand with Marlene Dietrich and Elsa Martinelli (Wearing Chanel Suits), Chanel Fashion Show, Paris, 1966

Jonas Salk in his lab, 1963

Ronald Reagan, Bob Hope, James Cagney - American Film Institute Tribute to Cagney, Los Angeles, 1974

Cesar Chavez, California, 1974

Grain Elevator, Aurora, Missouri

Man in alley, Wilmington, DE, early 1950's

Stormy, Missouri, 1958

White Barn, New Preston, CT, 2007

Red Barn 1, with Swallow, Washington, Connecticut, July 28, 2009, 4:37 pm

Winter Barn, Connecticut, 2006

Skateboarder, New York, 1965

Skateboarders, New York, 1965

Outward bound, Colorado, 1964

Needle Park: Karen shooting up, New York City, 1964

Needle Park: Addicts Karen and John, New York City, 1964

John Steinbeck, Nobel Prize Winner, Riverton, CT 1985

Pete Seeger with Joan Baez, Newport Jazz Festival, 1964

The Beatles arrive, February 7, 1964, New York

John Lennon at the Plaza, Feb. 7, 1964

John Lennon on the train from New York to Washington for the Beatles' concert at Washington Coliseum, Feb. 11, 1964

Beatles' Boots, Ed Sullivan Theater, Feb 8, 1964.

The Beatles wait to arrive, Union Station, D.C. Feb 10, 1964.

Vietnamese Child with Bamboo toy gun, Loc Dien, South Vietnam, 1965

Marine, Vietnam, 1965

Woodstock, 1969

Woodstock, 1969

Baltimore, 1969

Dead eagle, Exxon Valdez oil spill, Alaska, 1989

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