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Georgia O’Keeffe, Santa Fe, LOOK, 1960

Santa Fe, NM -- Monroe Gallery of Photography is honored to present “Tony Vaccaro: Renaissance” Friday, November 23 through January 27, 2019.

2018 was a renaissance year for Tony Vaccaro, with recent exhibits in New York, London, Italy, and Pottsdam, Germany; culminating with this major exhibition at Monroe Gallery in Santa Fe that celebrates his 96th birthday on December 20. At the age of 21, Tony was drafted into the war, and by the spring of 1944 he was photographing war games in Wales. By June, now a combat infantryman in the 83rd Infantry Division, he was on a boat heading toward Omaha Beach, six days after the first landings at Normandy. Denied access to the Signal Corps, Tony was determined to photograph the war, and had his portable 35mm Argus C-3 with him from the start. For the next 272 days, Tony fought on the front lines of the war. He entered Germany in December 1944, a private in the Intelligence Platoon, tasked with going behind enemy lines at night. After the war, Tony remained in Germany to photograph the rebuilding of the country for Stars And Stripes magazine. Returning to the US in 1950, Tony started his career as a commercial photographer, eventually working for virtually every major publication: Look, Life, Harper’s Bazaar, Town and Country, Newsweek, and many more. Tony went on to become one the most sought after photographers of his day.

Georgia O'Keeffe, Taos Pueblo, New Mexico, 1960

Georgia O’Keeffe and shadow, Abiquiu, New Mexico, 1960

Pablo Picasso, Mougins, France, 1966

Jackson Pollock painting at his home, East Hampton, 1953

De Kooning, East Hampton, 1952

John F Kennedy, Washington, DC, 1960

Barbara Mullen -  Barbara Mullen, New York, 1951

Umbrella LOOK magazine, NYC 1951

Contortionist -  Contortionist, New York City, 1951

The Veil, for LOOK, New York, 1951

Mary Jane Russell, for FLAIR, New York, 1951

Isabella Albonico, Central Park Botanical Gardens, NYC, 1958

Ivy Nicholson, Appian Way, Rome, Italy, 1956

Gwen Verdon, New York City, NY, 1953

Carmen, Look , Puerto Rico, 1951

Marimekko, Helskinki, 1965

Dovima, NYC, 1957

The Butcher Shop, Tremoli, Italy, 1947

Peggy Guggenheim, Venice, Italy, 1968

Guggenheim Hat, New York, 1960

Sophia Loren, New York,1959

Kiss of Liberation: Sergeant Gene Costanzo kneels to kiss a little girl during spontaneous celebrations in the main square of the town of St. Briac, France, August 14, 1944

American GI Ivan Parrott in No Man's land, Battle for the Rhine, March, 1945

Machine Gun Fire, Germany, March, 1945

Hitler’s Window, Germany, 1945

Defeated Soldier, Frankfurt, Germany, 1947

Battle of Ardennes, Near Ottre, Belgium, 1944

White Death, Pvt. Henry Irving Tannebaum Ottre, Belgium 1945

Newly liberated women in Nante, along the North bank of the Loire River, celebrate their freedom, Nante, France, July, 1944

French Soldiers at the Carnival of Nice, 1947

The Violinist, Venice, Italy, 1947

Water fountain in the piazza Santa Croce in Gerusalemme, Italy, 1947

Waiting For Mom. Two children wait outside a grocery store with the family shopping cart, Hoescht, Germany, 1946. 

"Tired Eyes". Orphans in a sewing class, Trieste, Italy, 1947

Camera Shy, Bonefro, Italy, 1946

Old Man, Bonefro, Italy, 1946

The Paradise Cortina, Italy, 1947

The Chimney Sweeper, Frankfurt Germany 1947

G.I.s on leave, Paris, France, 1947

A C-54 plane during the Berlin Airlift, Germany, 1949

Pennsylvania Station, New York, 1948

PIX Theater, New York, 1947

Extra on the set of “8 1/2”, Lazio, Italy, 1962

Givenchy by the Pool, South of Paris, France, 1961

Anna Magnani and Sugar Ray Robinson, Harlem NY 1953

Givenchy, Paris, France, 1961

Ali MacGraw, LOOK, NYC 1975

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