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The LIFE Photographers

The LIFE Photographers, New York, 1960

Monroe Gallery of Photography is pleased to announce "The LIFE Photographers", an exhibition concurrent with the publication of the new book LIFE: The Day Kennedy Died, 50 Years Later LIFE Remembers the Man & the Moment. The exhibition opens with a public reception and book signing by renowned LIFE editor Richard Stolley on November 29, and will continue through January 24, 2014. The famous Zapruder film first appeared in LIFE, after being acquired by Richard B. Stolley.

LIFE magazine photographers had unparalleled access to John and Jacqueline Kennedy, from even before they were married. The exhibition features a special selection of well-known historical Kennedy photographs and several seldom-seen rare images of the now-famous Kennedy mystique that was "Camelot".

LIFE published an astonishing number of the most memorable photographs ever made, and the exhibition also includes many of these photographs from defining moments of the 20th century. LIFE photographers work and lives pioneered, and came to define, the medium of photojournalism, and their photographs recorded history and informed us all for most of the 20th Century. "The LIFE Photographers" exhibition is made even more poignant by the recent passing of Bill Eppridge (at age 75, in October).

Alfred Eisenstaedt ©Time Inc. President John F. Kennedy in the Oval Office, Washington, DC, 1961

Senator John F. Kennedy Campaigning with his Wife in Boston (Time, Inc.)

Ed Clark ©Time Inc.
Senator John F. Kennedy with Caroline in her nursery, Washington, DC, 1958

In a Los Angeles hotel suite, John F. Kennedy confers with his brother and campaign manager Bobby during the 1960 Democratic National Convention.

John Kennedy on dunes, Hyannis Port, 1959

John F. Kennedy at his home in Hyannis Port, MA, during a break from an interview with Walter Cronkite, 1963

John F. Kennedy, Houston, 1962

John and Jacqueline Kennedy at their wedding reception, Newport, RI, 1953

John F. Kennedy's Body Lies in State at the Capitol Rotunda, 1963

John F. Kennedy laid to rest, Arlington, 1963

Horse Drawn Caisson Bearing John F. Kennedy's Casket, 1963

John F. Kennedy Jr. saluting his father's coffin, November 25, 1963 with Ted Kennedy, Jacqueline Kennedy, Rose Kennedy, Peter Lawford, and Robert F. Kennedy in background.

On the 6:25 from Grand Central to Stamford, CT, November 22, 1963

Fort Peck Dam, Fort Peck, MT, 1936 (Cover for first issue of LIFE magazine)

Industrial Rayon Corporation, Painsville, Ohio (Time Inc.)

Plow blades, Oliver Child Plow Co, 1930 (c. Time, Inc)

Louisville Flood Red Cross Relief Station, Kentucky, 1936

You Have Seen Their Faces: Little boy and hound dog, 1936

Boy Sitting on a Bed in Oil Boom Town of Freer, Texas, 1937 (Life Magazine/Time Warner Inc.)

Roustabouts in Freer, Texas, take time off from their job, 1937 (Life Magazine/Time Warner Inc.)

Loungers Hang Around the Duval Club Lunchroom, Freer, Texas (Time Inc.)

Georgia O'Keeffe climbs on roof, Abiqui, 1967

©Time Inc. Repairing the Hull of the Graf Zeppelin during the Flight over the Atlantic, 1934

Winston Churchill, Liverpool, 1951

Japanese Surrender on Board the U.S.S. Missouri in Tokyo Bay, September 2, 1945 (Life Magazine/Time Warner Inc.)

A Child Protects Her Brother from a Stranger with a Camera, Tsingtao, China (Time Inc.)

Enlarged negative strip of Children at a puppet theater, Paris, 1964

Jacques D'Amboise Playing with his Sons, Seattle, Washington, 1962

Going Fishing, Texas, 1952

Southern Pacific Engine, Donner Pass, California 1949

Trees in snow,St. Moritz, 1947

Marilyn Monroe Singing

Frank Sinatra and Jackie Gleason, 1965

Steve McQueen at home with pistol

Mickey Mantle Having A Bad Day At Yankee Stadium, New York, 1965

Jackie Robinson rounding Third base during World series against the Yankees, 1955

Black Muslim leader Malcolm X photographing Cassius Clay, Miami, 1964

Lesson at La Scala's Ballet School, Milan, Italy, 1934

Yale Joel -- Young Bug Lovers, Clarksville, Arkansas, 1953

"Slo-Pokes", Drag Racing In Moline, Illinois, 1957

The Beatles arrive, February 7, 1964, New York

John Lennon on the train from New York to Washington for the Beatles' concert at Washington Coliseum, Feb. 11, 1964

The Beatles, Miami, 1964

The Kennedy campaign travels through the Watts section of Los Angeles on the last day before the primary, 1968

Robert F. Kennedy in front of a poster of his brother, Columbus, Ohio, 1968

Jackson Pollock painting in his studio, Springs, New York, 1949 ? Time Inc

Cross country skier at the 1960 Winter Olympics, Squaw Valley, California, 1960


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