Monroe Gallery of Photography offers museum-standard conservation framing.

Book Mat:
8 ply top, Museum Board pure-white, 2 ply bottom, acid-free foam back 
Mat proportioned to image – in general: 4 inches top and sides, 4 ½ bottom
Pocket corners to secure the print: archival poly-propylene or unbuffered alpha-cellulose paper

Book Mat

Black Maple or Ash with hand-finished black rub/stain
½ inch face; 1 ½ inch deep – larger for oversize prints with strainer recommended

UV- plexi (OP-3) provides exceptional protection with the highest level of UV filtering available and is lighter, easier to ship and 10-20 times more resistant to impact than glass. Sunlight, as well as halogen and fluorescent lights can all be hazardous to paper and other artistic mediums. Exposed over time to the harmful UV light, photographic paper can become brittle, fade in color or turn yellow. This damage is permanent and irreversible.