2020-11-20 - 2021-01-17


At the age of 21, Tony was drafted into WWII and for the next 272 days he photographed his personal witness to the brutality of war. Tony’s transition from war and its aftermath was a deliberate one. As an antidote to man’s inhumanity, Tony focused his lens on those who gave of themselves: artists, writers, movie stars, and the beauty of fashion 

By focusing on the splendor of life Tony replaced the images of horror imbedded in his eyes. This exhibition illustrates his will to live and to advance the power of beauty in this life. Tony is one of the few people alive who can claim to have survived the Battle of Normandy and COVID-19. On December 20, Tony Vaccaro celebrates his 98th birthday, an inspiration to us all.

Blind Magazine: How Tony Vaccaro Used Photography as the Antidote to Inhumanity