November 6, 2011 | Source: Monroe Gallery of Photography

Photo by David Marks

On Friday evening, Bill Eppridge, one of the most accomplished photojournalists of the Twentieth Century, presented an eyewitness account of some of the most significant moments in American history he has covered: wars, political campaigns, riots, civil rights murders, heroin addiction, the arrival of the Beatles in the United States, Vietnam, Woodstock, the summer and winter Olympics, and perhaps the most dramatic moment of his career - the assassination of Senator Robert Kennedy in Los Angeles.

After a brief blackout Saturday morning, Bill returned to the gallery to sign copies of his book "A Time It Was: Bobby Kennedy in the Sixties" and meet with gallery viewers of the current exhibition celebrating his 2011 Lucie Award for Achievement in Photojournalism.

We will be posting highlights of Bill's conversations here in the near future. The exhibition continues through November 20, 2011

YouTube: Robert Kennedy's Last Days in Pictures by Bill Eppridge

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