March 31, 2012 | Source: Monroe Gallery of Photography

Image #1 for AIPAD 2012: DAY TWO

Today we were very honored to welcome in our booth Deena Schutzer, daughter of the late Paul Schutzer, Grey Villet's widow Barbara Villet (selections of  Grey's photo essay of Richard and Mildred Loving are on exhibit); Ida Wyman, and Stephen Wilkes.

The AIPAD Photography Show was featured in numerous reviews and articles today, including the New York Times, MSNBC Photo Blog, The DLK Collection ("A startling Nina Berman of a veiled woman with her diploma is on the outside wall" at Monroe Gallery).

The Show continues tomorrow 11 - 7 (Bill Eppridge,   Stephen Wilkes, and many other photographers will be in our booth), and Sunday 11 - 6. We look forward to welcoming you at Booth #419!

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