Art Market Watch: The Market For Ansel Adams' "Moonrise, Hernandez"

September 1, 2011 | Source: Monroe Gallery of Photography

 Ansel AdamsMoonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico
gelatin silver print, mounted, ca. 14 x 19 in.
Sotheby's New York
Oct. 17, 2006


 by Daniel Grant

Driving back to Santa Fe, N.M., on Oct. 31, 1941, after what had been a disappointing day for picture-taking, photographer Ansel Adams (1902-84) brought his car to an abrupt stop, yelling to his companions to bring him his tripod, exposure meter and other photographic equipment so that he could take what would become one of the most famous images in fine art photography, Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico.

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“This image encapsulates his career,”  Christopher Mahoney, senior vice-president in Sotheby’s photographs department, said, “and we can see in it his changing ideas and esthetic style.”

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