December 3, 2015 | Source: Monroe Gallery of Photography

The gallery has a selection of photography books available for the Holidays.

Sinatra: The Photographs
Hardcover: 224 pages
Signed by Andrew Horwick: $50

"An impromptu gig with Nat King Cole, goofing around with the Rat Pack, chatting with George Harrison … the new book Sinatra: The Photographs captures the Chairman’s heydey as an entertainer, with rarely seen shots from the 1940s to the early 70s on set and in the studio."

Bliss:  Transformational Festivals & the Neo Hippie
By Steve Schapiro, signed by Steve Schapiro
Hardcover: 256 pages
The Beatles: Six Days that Changed the World. February 1964
By Bill Eppridge, editor Adrianne Aurichio
Signed by Adrianne Aurichio
Hardcover: 160 pages

A Time It Was: Bobby Kennedy in the Sixties
By Bill Eppridge
Hardcover: 192 pages  (out of print)
The Day Kennedy Died: Remembering the Man and the Moment

LIFE The Day Kennedy Died: Fifty Years Later: LIFE Remembers the Man and the Moment
Signed by LIFE Editor Richard Stolley
Hardcover: 192 pages

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