Ed Kashi exhibition March 18 – April 24; Book signing and Gallery talk April 1

March 14, 2022 | Source: Monroe Gallery of Photography


color photograph of Syrian children silhouetted against night sky in refugee camp in Jordan
Ed Kashi: Scenes of youth in a small refugee encampment in the desert of eastern Jordan after fleeing Syria, 2013

Santa Fe, NM -- Monroe Gallery of Photography is honored to announce exclusive representation of Ed Kashi, a renowned photojournalist, filmmaker, speaker, and educator dedicated to documenting the social and political issues that define our times.

A new exhibit celebrates "Abandoned Moments: A Love Letter to Photography" (Kehrer Verlag, March 2022) his newest book; featuring photographs made over a 40-year period that reveal imprecise glimpses of transitory events filled with frenetic energy - the chaos of everyday life. 

On April 1, Ed Kashi will be in discussion in the Gallery and streaming on-line via Zoom. Event starts promptly at 5:30 pm (MT), RSVP and Zoom registration at 505.992.0800, www.monroegallery.com, or info@monroegallery.com

Kashi's sensitive eye and an intimate and compassionate relationship to his subjects are signatures of his intense and unsparing work. As a member of VII Photo Agency, Kashi has been recognized for his complex imagery and its compelling rendering of the human condition. Kashi continues to create compelling imagery and engage with the world in new ways.

"I take on issues that stir my passions about the state of humanity and our world, and I deeply believe in the power of still images to change people's minds. I'm driven by this fact; that the work of photojournalists and documentary photographers can have a positive impact on the world. The access people give to their lives is precious as well as imperative for this important work to get done. Their openness brings with it a tremendous sense of responsibility to tell the truth but to also honor their stories." 

- Ed Kashi

Abandoned Moments Book Trailer from Ed Kashi on Vimeo.

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