Ed Kashi Photographs Featured in TIME Cover Story

November 4, 2022 | Source: Monroe Gallery of Photography


image of TIME cover with story about Qatar  hosting the 2022 World Cup soccer championships and Migrant labor toll

November 3, 2022

"TIME published a story I worked on with Aryn Baker and Tom Laffay focused on the health impacts of heat stress on workers in an increasingly hotter planet.

Our journey started in Nepal, a country that sends many of its young men to toil in the Arab Gulf states. These young men are often forced to labor in extremely hot conditions, with temperatures of 120 degrees Fahrenheit coupled with 80% humidity, for long hours. This has led to an increase in the epidemic of Chronic Kidney Disease of Non-Traditional Causes (CKDnt), an illness I have documented through the past decade in seven countries along the global hot zones.

Over the next few weeks, I'll be sharing photographs from this assignment, as our team followed the flow of laborers from countries like Nepal to Qatar. Many of these workers helped build the stadiums and other vital infrastructure for the upcoming World Cup, which begins on November 22 in Doha, Qatar. As our attentions turn to soccer and this momentous championship, we must also keep in mind the hard work of these migrant laborers who have sacrificed so much to make the next World Cup possible." -- Ed Kashi

Read the full story by TIME: https://bit.ly/3sVmdTJ

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