Limited Edition of Lowrider Magazine Dedicated to the Women Shaping the Culture Features Photographs By Gabriela E. Campos

March 15, 2024 | Source: Monroe Gallery of Photography


Special issue was completely written and designed by women.  

color screenshot from special digital edition of Lowrider Magazine shows a photograph of a woman in front of her custom lorwrider

Known for their hopping hydraulics, custom upholstery, and intricate paint jobs, lowrider cars are symbols of empowerment and freedom, and a celebration of the broader lowrider culture. To honor Women's History Month and celebrate women who have played integral roles in lowriding culture, Mexican beer manufacturer Modelo partnered with MotorTrend Group (the parent company of MotorTrend and Lowrider magazine) to produce a limited edition of Lowrider.

The special, one-time reissue of Lowrider (which you can read in digital format here) champions the women of lowriding. It's made by women, for women—from the editorial direction led by Dr. Denise Sandoval, a professor of Chicana/o studies, to the photographers, creative directors, writers, and more. Modelo donated advertising space in the publication to women-owned businesses to further support and spotlight entrepreneurs driving the lowrider industry.

The roots of lowriding trace back to the 1940s when car culture was beginning to take hold across post-WWII America. As the hot rod trend swept the country, Mexican Americans began to alter their cars as a means of distinguishing themselves on and off the road. Eventually, the concept of lowriders and the broader lowriding culture stretched far beyond customizations and the Mexican American community.

Historically, depictions of women in Lowrider magazine were often limited to models on the hoods of cars. This limited-edition revival highlights the women behind the wheel who have fought for their place as drivers, builders, mechanics, painters, and welders in a male-dominated world.

Lowrider magazine ceased regular print publication in 2019. Fans in the Los Angeles area can be the first to get a copy of the magazine at the Lowrider Long Beach Super Show at the Long Beach Convention Center on Saturday, March 9, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pacific time. Fans nationwide can access the digital version of the issue here.

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