July 21, 2009 | Source: Monroe Gallery of Photography

We were very pleased that Loomis Dean's photograph was featured as the "Photo of the Day" by Photo District News. The exhibit, "A Thousand Words: Masters of Photojournalism,”is a summer show at Monroe Gallery that runs through September 27. Prints of more than 60 iconic photographs are included in the show, including images of JFK, Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King, Steve McQueen, Marilyn Monroe, the Apollo 11 launch and World War II.

Thanks also to Joe McNally for his post on his terrific blog:

"Bound for Santa Fe, home of the Monroe Gallery of Photography, run by the wonderful, decent, and incredibly knowledgeable Sid and Michelle Monroe. The gallery is a breathtaking repository of historically important photojournalism that has transcended categorization and is regarded as art. Art that means something. Art that you can chew on. Whenever I am in Santa Fe, that mecca of all manner of art, and I can’t stand to hear another wind chime, or see another painted cow skull, or see another show of poorly shot photographs printed with the collodion print process (which makes them marred, chipped, aged looking and thus somehow “significant”) I go to Monroe and I wander the room.

And I find I’m looking at my memory, right there on the walls."

Joe is too modest to add that his photographs are represented by Monroe Gallery.