NYC to pay $13 Million for violating the rights of protesters over several days in late May and early June of 2020.

July 20, 2023 | Source: Monroe Gallery of Photography

 Via The New York Times

July 20, 2023



Close up photograph of African American women with bandanna covering her face and arm raise in protest march after the murder of George Floyd, Manhattan, New York,, June 2, 2020
Ed Kashi: Protest after the Minneapolis Police murder of George Floyd, Manhattan, New York, 
June 2, 2020


The city settled a major class-action lawsuit that said unlawful police tactics had violated the rights of more than 1,000 people who protested after Mr. Floyd’s killing. he City of New York agreed to pay about $13.7 million to settle the class-action suit, which said that unlawful police tactics had violated the rights of protesters over several days in late May and early June of 2020. New York Times journalists covering the protests saw officers repeatedly charge at protesters out after curfew with little apparent provocation, shoving people onto sidewalks and striking them with batons.


On exhibition through September 17, 2023: "Good Trouble". From the exhibition description:

"Protest is an invaluable way to speak truth to power. Throughout history, protests have been the driving force behind some of the most powerful social movements, exposing injustice and abuse, demanding accountability and inspiring people to keep hoping for a better future. The right to protest encompasses various rights and freedoms, including the freedom of assembly, the freedom of association, and the freedom of expression. Unfortunately, these precious rights are under attack and must be protected from those who are afraid of change and want to keep us divided." Visit the exhibition here.


Watch a conversation with Stephanie Keith and Ryan Vizzions, who met while documenting the Standing Rock protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline, discuss their experiences documenting protest movements, recent efforts to suppress protest, and the increase in the misuse of force by police at protests.

On May 8, Keith was arrested while documenting a candlelight vigil in New York City for Jordan Neely, a homeless man who was choked to death on the subway.

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