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The New Yorker featured the new Stephen Wilkes “Remnants” exhibit this past Friday, you can see the feature here.

"I’ve often found that there is great power in telling difficult stories in a beautiful way. Interest in any given story wanes so quickly, yet it’s only through taking the time to go deeper that we get to a place of real understanding. There are moments in journalism when the media captures the visual details of a disaster, yet sometimes misses the true scale of devastation. It’s my hope that these images serve as a wakeup call — whether that call is about global warming, infrastructure, or just the recognition that the world is changing, it’s a reminder that we need to take special care of our fragile world."  -- Stephen Wilkes

Also included in the exhibit is Stephen’s newest Day To Night image, taken in the Serengeti, Tanzania, earlier this year.





Serengeti, Tanzania, Day to Night, 2015




Stephen Wilkes: Serengeti, Day To Night, 2015


Recycled Cans


 Stephen Wilkes: Recycled Aluminum Can Study #1


The “Remnants” exhibit will continue through November 22.



Later this month, Steve Schapiro will be signing copies of his new book BLISS in the gallery on Friday, October 30, from 5 – 7 pm. In Bliss: An Exploration of the Current Hippie Counterculture & Transformational Festivals, Steve Schapiro, famous for his photographs of the 60s--including Haight-Ashbury and the hippies of that era--documents the hippies of today and their lives in and out of transformational festivals. With a specific focus on a subculture of the current hippie counterculture known as "Bliss Ninnies," these individuals are focused on meditation and dancing as a way to reach ecstatic states of joy. The book features images from festivals across the country and provides an overview of a new contemporary hippie life within America. “The 60s are still here. You just have to find where.”



Recently, “BLISS” was featured on the TIME LightBox, and several of Steve Schapiro’s iconic civil rights photographs were in this summer’s acclaimed  â€œThe Long Road: From Selma to Ferguson” exhibition.






Fairy in the woods, Rainbow Gathering, Michigan, 2001


Steve Schapiro: Fairy in the woods, Rainbow Gathering, Michigan, 2001





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