Photojournalist Ed Kashi Discusses "City of the Dead" in Cairo

November 23, 2023 | Source: Monroe Gallery of Photography

 Via Sada Elbalad English

November 22, 2023

portrait of Ed Kashi speaking
Ed Kashi

Prominent American photojournalist Ed Kashi celebrated the 30th anniversary of his "City of the Dead" project in Cairo. He opened an exhibition in Cairo to celebrate the project, in addition to having a talk about the visual storyteller's journey.

During a round table with Egyptian journalists hosted by the US Embassy in Photobia, Kashi discussed various topics related to his "City of the Dead" project, upcoming projects, especially those linked to current sociopolitical challenges, and the current trends of journalism. (click for full article).

"Great photographs do not need words but this is photojournalism. The whole, structure, the point of it is to uses images and words to communicate, especially when it comes to journalism. In the time moment we're living in; it is so critically important that I contextualize my work so that when you look at this picture as best as I've humanly been able to do you can rely on the facts. You know that this is where it happened this is what's going on the name of that person is correct their age is correct all of the things you know the circumstances around their situation are presented in an accurate way because I still believe in facts can I say it in another order." -- Ed Kashi

Ed Kashi's photographs are included in the current exhibition This Fragile Earth.

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