Present Tense (Photography Show)

June 17, 2021 | Source: Monroe Gallery of Photography


photograph of National Guard resting in US Capitol on January 13, 2021

Via The Santa Fe Reporter

Present Tense (Photography Show)

 Monroe Gallery of Photography

Fri, Jun 18 - Aug 22, 2021


A significant exhibition documenting recent extraordinary political, social, and economic events, including the COVID-19 Pandemic.

For 20 years, Monroe Gallery of Photography has presented visual moments indispensable to an understanding of 20th- and 21st-century societal and political change. PRESENT TENSE, however, is entirely unique in the Gallery's history: its first multi-photojournalist presentation of age- and perception-changing news events of just the last few years, as well as a celebration of the new wave of independent photojournalists who are battling both real situational danger and gathering selective public denial of journalism broadly.

Depicting moments both momentous and intimate, but all radiating with meaning, PRESENT TENSE was conceived as a collective way of briefly pausing the roil and rush of virtual imagery we are all subject to—a storm of constantly flickering perceptions—and recognize, through painstakingly curated photographs, that we are living in an epoch-changing history in terms of societal understanding, betterment, and, ultimately, survivability.

Monroe Gallery of Photography

112 Don Gaspar Ave. Santa Fe NM 87501


Watch a brief video introduction to the exhibit on YouTube here.

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