May 2, 2009 | Source: Monroe Gallery of Photography

WCVB TV, The Boston Channel, has just posted a great slide-show of photographs by Pulitzer-Prize winning photojournalist Stanley J. Forman.

Stanley J. Forman is an accomplished photographer with more than five decades dedicated to his craft. Forman's career is marked by work for media throughout the Greater Boston area, filing for the print dailies, weeklies and wire services. His 1976 Pulitzer Award for The Boston Fire was the first of three; Forman also won the award in 1977 for Spot News Photography, for documenting a youth using the flag as a lance during street disorders, and in 1978, Forman was part of the Boston Herald American staff which won the Pulitzer for Feature Photography of that year's blizzard.

On winning the first of his Pulitzer Prizes, Forman was pragmatic in knowing that his work resulted in tougher fire codes. "I daydream about making pictures that have the impact that those pictures had," he says.

Forman has worked as a cameraman at Boston TV station WCVB since 1983. Monroe Gallery is honored to represent his photography.