Bronx Documentary Center is pleased to partner with VII and Think Outside the Cell Foundation to present THE LONG SHADOW OF INCARCERATION’S STIGMA  A documentary short film produced by VII photographers Ashley Gilbertson, Ed Kashi, Ron Haviv and Jessica Dimmock.   Saturday, December 1  7:00PM   About the Film  A staggering 700,000 people are released from prison in the United States each year.  When formerly incarcerated persons reenter society they often face discrimination when applying for employment, housing and higher education. Some formerly incarcerated people and are even denied the right to vote. What are the struggles? What are the stories? Who are these people? And how are they helping each other to succeed and thrive?     A panel discussion will follow the screening with: VII PHOTOGRAPHERS: ASHLEY GILBERTSON and RON HAVIV THINK OUTSIDE THE CELL FOUNDATION EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: SHEILA RULE  FILM SUBJECTS: RONALD F. DAY AND MERCEDES SMITH    “The Long Shadow of Incarceration’s Stigma” Kimberly J. Soenen – Supervising Producer Contact: Francisco Fagan – Editor  Suggested donation: $7 Adult, $5 Student, Free for 18 and under.