Tony Vaccaro at AIPAD in New York to tell 100 years of shots

May 23, 2022 | Source: Monroe Gallery of Photography

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May 23, 2022

Anecdotes and curiosities about the famous Italian-American photographer who became a living legend

Francesca Magnani Francesca Magnani

These days, at the AIPAD Photography Show in New York, one of the major international art fairs dedicated to photography, there is a white chair near the wall on which a living legend sits, the centenary Italian-American photographer Tony Vaccaro. Between one work and another, some visitors kneel before him to exchange a few words with him.

Tony is happy to tell anecdotes about his shots and take a selfie with his admirers.

99-year old Tony Vaccaro sitting by his photographs with a glass of wine

Photographer Tony Vaccaro at AIPAD Photography in New York (Photo by Francesca Magnani)

He always sits in the same place and behind him there is a post-war photo taken in Venice. "One of my favorite images - explains the artist - I was walking in Venice after the end of the war, photographing the whole city. Suddenly I heard the violin playing. In the picture you do not see the man's daughter, she was three years old, and she was sitting next to him to collect the money of passers-by in a hat".

The AIPAD Photography Show brings together 49 galleries from 9 countries and 23 cities in the United States. The exhibitors are all members of the prestigious Association of International Photography Art Dealers which includes the world's leading art photography galleries. This year it takes place in conjunction with Frieze New York, Volta New York and other fairs; Now in its 41st edition, the AIPAD Photography Show is the longest-running exhibition dedicated to the photographic medium and presents to the public a range of works ranging from specimens just offered to the market to museum-quality prints, including contemporary, modern photographs and works of the nineteenth century.

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