Exhibition explores extraordinary people who have influenced the course of modern history

July 5, 2013 | Source: Monroe Gallery of Photography

Michael Rossmann, an organizer for the Free Speech Movement at UC Berkeley, Berkeley, California. 1964©Paul Fusco/Magnum Photos.

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SANTA FE, NM.- Monroe Gallery of Photography, 112 Don Gaspar, is pleased to announce “Those Who Dared”, a major exhibition of compelling and provocative photographs depicting brave, courageous, intrepid, and audacious people and personalities that celebrates the human spirit of daring, drive, and determination to make a difference. The exhibition opens with a public reception on Friday, July 5, from 5 to 7; the exhibition will continue through September 22.

“Those Who Dared” explores the characterization of extraordinary people who have influenced the course of modern history. The more than 50 photographs in the exhibit depict major personalities, historical figures, and everyday people who, through words, actions, and endeavors have made a difference; explored our world; made life-changing scientific discoveries, and inspired us all. These people broke records, broke ground, blazed trails, and suffered trials, shattering ceilings of glass and even tougher stuff. While some are obvious and some obscure, all acted to increase our liberty, safety, prosperity, and imaginations, often enduring an agonizing cycle of hope, progress, and crushing setback.

Photographs depict people "who have dared", including: Amelia Earhart, Ann San Suu Kyi, Charles Lindbergh, Gandhi, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks, Al Weiwei, Robert F. Kennedy, Eleanor Roosevelt, Indira Gandhi, Anwar Sadat, a lone protester stopping tanks at Tiananmen Square in Beijing, 1989, protesters in Tahir Square in 2011; Nobel Laureate Dr. James Watson, co-discoverer of the DNA molecule, Jonas Salk, discoverer of the first successful polio vaccine, astronauts; Albert Einstein, Simone de Beauvoir, Jean Paul Sartre, Muhammad Ali, Jackie Robinson, Cesar Chavez, Simon Wiesenthal, and many others.

Photographers in the exhibition include world-renowned photojournalists such as Eddie Adams, Harry Benson, Bill Eppridge, Paul Fusco, Margaret Bourke White, Robert Capa, John Dominis, Alfred Eisenstaedt, Burt Glinn, Yuri Kozyrev, Carl Mydans, Martin Parr, Ken Reagan, Steve Schapiro, Jeff Weidner, and others.

Monroe Gallery of Photography was founded by Sidney S. Monroe and Michelle A. Monroe. Building on more than four decades of collective experience, the gallery specializes in classic black & white photography with an emphasis on humanist and photojournalist imagery. The gallery also represents a select group of contemporary and emerging photographers.

Apple Co-Founder Steve Jobs, California, 1982© Charles O'Rear/NGS.

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