June 26, 2009 | Source: Monroe Gallery of Photography

Monroe Gallery of Photography, 112 Don Gaspar Avenue, Santa Fe, NM, is pleased to join the membership of The Association of International Photography Art Dealers (AIPAD).

With members in the United States, Australia, Canada, Europe and Japan, the Association has become a unifying force in the field of photography. AIPAD is dedicated to creating and maintaining high standards in the business of exhibiting, buying and selling photographs as art. Acting as the collective voice of the art photography dealers that make up its membership, AIPAD maintains ethical standards, promotes communication within the photographic community, encourages public appreciation of photography as art, concerns itself with the rights of photographers and collectors, and works to enhance the confidence of the public in responsible photography. AIPAD members provide a wide range of services to the public, such as exhibitions, appraisals, expert opinions and consultations.
To qualify for membership in AIPAD, a gallery or dealer must meet a number of criteria. The applicant must demonstrate that a significant portion of his principal business has been and is devoted to the sale and promotion of fine art photographs which meet the Associations high artistic standards. The potential member must have a reputation in his community for honesty and integrity. The potential member must demonstrate that he has made and is making substantial contributions to the field of fine art photography through the quality of photographic art offered for sale, exhibitions mounted or catalogues published.
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