June 24, 2009 | Source: Monroe Gallery of Photography

Renowned photographer Stephen Wilkes was commissioned for a special photo-shoot assignment for the current issue of New York Magazine. The photograph accompanies an article on the new Highline area in New York City. For this panorama, Stephen Wilkes set up a rotating camera on a cherry picker at Tenth Avenue and shot throughout one day, from noon till 9 p.m.

Stephen Wilkes is one of the leading location photographers in the United States, recognized for his work in the corporate and advertising industries, for his fine art photography, and for his international documentary work. Perhaps Wilkes’ most ambitious project was photographing the south side of Ellis Island (1998 – 2003), other significant bodies of work include America in Detail; Bethlehem Steel; In Katrina's Wake; and China.

Stephen Wilkes' photographs will be exhibited in a special 10-year retrospective at Monroe Gallery this fall.