'One Night In Miami', More Than Clay Beats Liston

August 12, 2013 | Source: Monroe Gallery of Photography

Black Muslim leader Malcolm X photographing Cassius Clay, Miami, 1964

Bob Gomel: Black Muslim leader Malcolm X photographing Cassius Clay, Miami, 1964    

This morning National Public Radio did a piece on a new play, "One Night in Miami",  the premise of which is that no one knows where Malcolm X and Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) went after the February, 1964 fight in Miami


"The following day, bolstered by his mentor Malcom X, Clay stepped in front of a room of journalists to declare his conversion to the Nation of Islam. After fielding hostile questions, he voiced the words that would become his lifelong anthem and would forever change the world of sports: "I don't have to be what you want me to be."

Recently, Bob Gomel recalled: It was February 26, 1964 in a Miami restaurant after Clay won the heavyweight championship from Sonny Liston. Howard Bingham, Ali's personal photographer is seen at the far right above Ali.  Clay's brother Rahaman is seated to Cassius's left (only a fist is visible in the famous frame.) The name and exact location of the restaurant are paled into insignificance."


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