PROJECTIONS: David Butow - Guns in America - An Epidemic

June 13, 2022 | Source: Monroe Gallery of Photography


PROJECTIONS: Guns in America - An Epidemic. Join us for a riveting week of searing imagery from seven highly acclaimed photographers.

About this event

From June 13th-17th PROJECTIONS - Guns in America will present imagery from seven internationally respected photographers who have covered gun violence in America for twenty-five plus years. These photographers: David Butow, Cheriss May, Kathy Schorr, Carlos Oritz, Jon Lowenstein, Barbara Davidson and Zed Nelson have won every major photographic award. Ms. Davidson is a Pulitzer Prize winner.

With the latest horrific massacres in Texas and New York and the continued lack of action from our elected officials were compelled to visit this multifaceted conversation. We invite you to reach out to those officials to join us and to experience how their political posturing is wreaking havoc on our society.

For five nights starting on June 13th at 7:00pm EST via Zoom each photographer will present a stirring collection of their work that is sure too make all of us pondered the results of inaction has had on all of us.

Here's the schedule of presenters:

Monday: David Butow

Tuesday: Carlos Ortiz

Wednesday: Kathy Schorr and Jon Lowenstein

Thursday: Barbara Davidson

Friday: Cheriss May and Zed Nelson

We thank our sponsors for their continued support: PhotoShelter, Epson, Archive Magazine, Pro Photo Daily and AI-AP.

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