Weekend To Do: 3 Years of Le Journal de la Photographie

August 30, 2013 | Source: Monroe Gallery of Photography

Le Journal de la Photographie

Last evening the shocking news hit our inbox, La Journal de la Photographie was shutting down:

Goodbye !
by Jean-Jacques Naudet

There are limits that should never be crossed: that of showing disrespect to co-workers. These limits have all been violated. Unfulfilled promises, and commitments, technological improvements ignored, payments due canceled or denied, the last six months have been a living nightmare .The Team of the Journal and I draw the line. It's over, this is our last issue.

One should not scorn with impunity a great team who for nearly three years worked to help create the Journal , developed and led it to where it is today. The Journal was a concept, and it was mine, but above all it was a team who day after day showed passion, dedication and enthusiasm. There is sadness, bitterness, regret, of course. The Journal was you, every day more numerous and passionate.
Thank you, thank you to: Paul Alessandrini, Pauline Auzou, Elizabeth Avedon, Eliseo Barbàra, Karyn Bauer, Molly Benn, Frédéric Bourret, Marine Cabos, José Carlos Joaquim, Christian Caujolle, Céline Chevallier, Laurence Cornet, Jonas Cuénin, Stéphanie de Rougé, Gilles Decamps, Xavier Derache, Juliette Deschodt, Lola Dolfy, Virginie Drujon-Kippelen, Jeff Dunas, Wilfrid Estève, Sybile Girault, Eva Gravayat, Emmanuel Grynszpan, Sophie Hedtmann, Greg Hermann, Laura Incardona, Peter C. Jones, Fanny Lambert, Olivier Laurent, John Loengard, Christophe Lunn, Paul Melcher, Severine Morel, Yan Morvan, Magnus Naddermier, Patricia Nagy, Bernard Perrine, Anna-Maria Pfab, Michel Philippot, Michel Puech, Sylvie Rebbot, Damien Robert, Andy Romanoff, Miriam Rosen, Sara Rosen, Samantha Rouault, David Schonauer, Antoine Soubrier, Alison Stieven-Taylor, Emiliana Tedesco, Michael Verger, Ericka Weidmann.

And if I dare, it is only goodbye for now.
Jean-Jacques Naudet

We suggest you take the time to visit the archives and read 3 years of some of the best photographty related content.

UPDATE - Le Journal is off the internet as of Saturday, August 31. All links are now dead.

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