May 30, 2009 | Source: Monroe Gallery of Photography

LIFE has just published a new book, "Remembering Jackie: 15 Years Later. One of Mark Shaw's photographs graces the cover, many more are inside.

The book is by the editors of Life with an introduction by Hugh Sidey. It features over 100 nostalgic photos that tell the story of Jackie's life from a daughter of Janet and "Black Jack" Bouvier to a striking debutante who captured the heart of a young handsome U.S. Senator Kennedy. Among the featured photographers are Carl Mydans, Alfred Eisenstaedt, Stan Stearns, Lisa Larsen, Bob Gomel, and Eddie Adams.

It shows the White House years and President Kennedy's assassination and funeral. There are also many photos of John and Caroline, two famous photos of John: looking out at his fathers desk in the white house, and saluting his father as the funeral procession goes by. It follows with photos of Jackie and Aristotle and her life in New York as a book editor. It has Jackie's own words and quotes from those who knew her, and it ends with people signing the guest book at her services. It also show all 18 covers of life magazine that she appeared on.

The book is widely available now, and has a special photo slide show on-line.