The first book by one of the world’s legendary photojournalists: Eddie Adams

February 19, 2009 | Source: Monroe Gallery of Photography

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Eddie Adams: Vietnam

The first book by one of the world's legendary photojournalists, Eddie Adams: Vietnam is along-awaited landmark. Adams'1968 Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph cemented his reputation in the public eye and stands forever as an icon for the brutality of our last century: the image of Nguyen Ngoc Loan, police chief of Saigon, firing a bullet at the head of a Vietcong prisoner. Adam's image fueled antiwar sentiment that ultimately changed the course of history.

Adams' life in the headlines took him to the remotest corners of this troubled, beautiful planet compiling historic record of the days of our lives. His 45-year career covered thirteen wars and amassed some 500 photojournalism awards.

Through astonishing never-before-seen pictures, articles written by Adams, pages from journals and other artifacts, one great journalist's experience of the war is told in gripping detail.
Edited by Alyssa Adams, with an essay by AP Bureau Chief Hal Buell, and contributions by Peter Arnett, Tom Brokaw, David Halberstam, George Esper, David Kennerly, and more, this is a classic of modern history and photography.

A man to whom Clint Eastwood said, "Good shot;" Fidel Castro said, "Let`s go duck hunting;" and the Pope said, "You`ve got three minutes," The man behind the Pulitzer Prize-winning picture that changed the world in 1968.

Monroe Gallery of Photography is privilaged to represent the Eddie Adams Estate. Eddie Adams: Vietnam is available from the gallery and most major booksellers. To view Eddie Adams' photography, please vist our website.